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Guide to online slot machines with 5 reels

Guide to online slot

By far 5-reel are the most popular and interactive slot machines. With a wide variety of themes, the slot machines have acquired their unique place in the slot machine arena. Today’s 5-reel slots are a lot different than the old 3-reel slots. With frequent bonus games and interactive themes, the approach is highly enhanced and entertaining. The extra symbols and bonus rounds give 5-reel slots an upper hand against the 3-reel slots and with more paylines, the chances of winning become much higher with this type of slot machine.


Every player is interested in pay-out. After all, the reason for stepping inside a casino is to win a couple of extra bucks. However, there is no way to know when a machine is due to hot but you can at least know how it works. The pay-out in a 5-reel slot works on more Paylines and multiple Paylines create more winning combinations. Though the high-wins will not be frequent the small wins will be more often. Depending on your liking you may choose any machine you like but 5-reel slots work all the same way. You need to spin to win.


In comparison to traditional 3-reel slots, the 5-reel slot machine is much more interactive to play. The fact that it has two more reels is enough to say that it will at least be enhanced than the traditional one but what steals the cake is its paylines. The machine works on 20 Paylines which prompts more winning combinations.



One of the things you couldn’t do on the 3-reel slot was to increase your wager. The 5-reel slot has no such problem. The game allows the player to increase his wagering and therefore becomes more appealing to not just the regulars but also a large group of audiences.


The traditional slot machines were simple. Play and win but as time progressed, slots came up with various features for its audience. The 5-reel slots have no dearth of such features. While playing a game, you can also trigger bonus rounds and free spins. You can also have more than one bonus round in the sessions. Apart from that scatters and wilds, and in addition to these, stacked wilds, cascading reels, expanding wilds, mega symbols make it more appealing to the crowd. Compared to the traditional machines, 5-reels have evolved for the better.



3-reel slots were a phenomenon in its prime but the time has changed. It’s a time of graphics and themes, better sound quality and high-tech technology which 3-reel slots can’t’ put up with. One of the reasons 5-reels have made it to the top is its 3D graphics and the use of better sound. The higher reels and graphics entail advanced engagement and multiple ways of winning. Such things were absent in three-reel slots and with faster pay-outs, it has much appealing outreach among the slot machine crowd. Though the technology in the gaming industry is changing but 5-reel slots continue to maintain its stance.



Comparatively 5-reel slots are better than the traditional slots. As far as features are concerned, the 5-reels are known for higher sound quality, 3D graphics, and better service. On top of that, with multiple Paylines, the winning combinations are increased, pay-out is faster and the wager is higher. The traditional slots were devoid of such features. The prime that once 3-reel slots held in the arena is gone and its place has been taken by more enhanced 5-reel slots. the gaming industry seems to be revolutionizing and it’s left to see what kind of impact it’ll bring to the slot machines.