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Latest From Blog

The Casino Games with the Best Odds

I wish to first explain the meaning of the “house edge” before we get into the games with the best odds. What this means(in basic terms), is that the house edge is computed by taking the player’s bet into consideration. There are two main reasons why some players fail.

1) The actual payout is very different from the odds of winning.

2) The player will begin to lose eventually. The overall winning streak is far below what happens in the losing streak. That means, that the player has chosen a game based on bad odds.

We are here to fix this today. Below I have some online Canadian casino games that do have more favourable odds than others.

American Roulette

There are so many versions available, that you are going to be hard-pressed to find a casino that does not carry the game. The American version has 38 pockets(which is the only difference between that versus the French and European versions). You have numbers 1-36. You also have a green zero pocket. In this version, you are going to have an extra pocket with two zeroes. That means that your overall ratios of high probability bets have just been decreased. On the one hand, your losing outcome ratio will be much stronger than your winning outcome ratio. However, the payout is an equal 1:1. That ratio puts the payout(to the player) at about 95%. he house edge sits at just above 5%(which is very low). The payout ratio is very high compared to some of the others. That alone is the reason why it makes the list.

Caribbean Stud Poker

The casino edge is just about 3%, but only if you use an optimal strategy. This one is kind of familiar to five-card stud. It was adapted to go up against the dealer. Here is where I want to get into some of the stats. In this game, most players fold a little over 40% of the time. On the flip side, they raise just a little above 50%. You also have to keep in mind that more than 20% of the dealer’s hands are not going to qualify. Now that you have some of the basic stats to think about, we can deduce two rules to abide by. a) You can raise(if you choose to do so) anytime you have a hand with a pair or higher. b) You must fold every time the dealer outranks your hand(which is usually with an Ace and King). That is why this game makes it onto the list.


Once again, you need to keep in mind the house edge( which is a little over 1%) if you apply your best strategy. Many consider this a simple game because you are dealing with a pair of dice. However, there are many ways the game could go(based on the outcome of the dice). Craps is not as simple as it appears to be. There are only 36 dice combinations to get from the game. That leads us to some probability stats and odds. a) Seven has the highest probability(a little over 16%). You can also have six combinations. b) You have about a 13% probability rate if you roll a six or eight(which is five out of 36 odds). c) You are going to find that two and twelve are your least favourable numbers. The reason is that you have a 1 in 36 shot of rolling them(which is about 2.7%). The other thing to mention involves the number seven. Some assume that seven is a lucky number. In the game of Craps, it is not. It can be one of the more hated numbers on the dice. Please do not put all your eggs in one basket with seven.

French Roulette

Once again, you could have a house edge with a little over 1% if you play your cards right(aka using the best strategy). There are two rules(combined into one) that set this version apart from the others. a) Any player who places an even chance bet on zero will win half of their wager. They have the choice to walk away with their money or keep it on the table(for the next round). That is why this game has become popular with players online(in Canada and elsewhere). It has more favourable odds for winning.


Okay, this is the final game to talk about in this blog. There are a few versions of Bacarrat, but they all have four main elements. a) There are only two hands per person. It does not matter how many of you there are. The two hands are called Banker and Player. b) The player with the hand closest to nine wins. c) The game can either result in the Player winning, the Banker winning, or a tie. d) The face cards(the ones up) and Tens have no value at all. Aces cards are only worth one. The rest of the cards are calculated by their number(an 8 is worth 8). The house edge is only about 1%(overall).

Top Tips for Playing Slot Machines

Slot machines are easily one of the most popular gambling activities in the world. More people play these than any other gambling game. There are options available both online and in person. People that want to try out salon machines should not be afraid of doing so. They can be incredibly fun. How ever, before you to side to try them out for the first time, we recommended reading the following advice. If you can comprehend these tips, you will have a much better experience.

Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Odds of Winning When Playing Slot Machines

The following ten tips have been collected over the years’ worth of playtime. These are distilled from the wisdom of expert gamblers. People who have spent their entire lives building careers as gamblers. Many of these wills seem simple to you at first glance. However, once you step into a casino, it is all too easy to let these key pieces of wisdom slip from your mind. Hold steadfast against this slippage. Then, you are all but guaranteed to have a successful night at the casino.

Top Ten Slot Tips

  • 1. High Roller Slot Machines Pay Out More Often
  • 2. Max Out The Jackpot By Placing Correctly Sized Bets
  • 3. Never Overextend Yourself
  • 4. Stick with Games You Enjoy Playing
  • 5. Remember to Take Regular Breaks
  • 6. Pull Off Winnings Gradually
  • 7. Do Not Be Afraid of Switching Machines
  • 8. Play the Odds
  • 9. Start Slowly
  • 10. Have Fun

High Roller Slot Machines Pay Out More Often

Not all slot machines are likely to pay out the winning jackpot as frequently as every other. Most gamblers intuitively understand this and gravitate towards their favourite machines unconsciously. You may not have known this, but many machines include the odds of a pound on their casing. You can use this to determine which game is the best choice. In most cases, you will find that the games in the casino’s high roller section have the best odds. You can take advantage of this by strategically going to the high roller section when you feel lucky.

Max Out The Jackpot By Placing Correctly Sized Bets

Today many slot machines are available with progressive betting. That means that the size of the jackpot that you will win depends on the size of the bet that you place. If you are going to play a progressive machine, we recommend that you always max out the bet each time you play. This ensures that you have the greatest odds of winning. In the case you do win, you will receive that largest payout.

Never Overextend Yourself

That is fine as gambling can be; it is all too easy to overextend yourself. This can be stressful and is a huge red flag of a problem in your life. Always ensure that you have more than enough money to cover your necessary expenses. Our best advice for this is to only go into a casino with a set amount of money you are willing to spend. After you have spent that money, if you run out, then you should leave. In this way, you can easily guard against the temptation of overspending.

Stick with Games You Enjoy Playing

When you are at a casino, you should be trying to have a good time. One of the best ways to ensure that you have a good time when you are at the casino is by playing games that you enjoy. There is no point in forcing your self to play the game that you do not enjoy. Ultimately, all that this will accomplish is making you resent the time that you spent in the casino. This will only be compounded if you end up walking away from a loser and not a winner. At least when you play games that you enjoy no matter what, you have a good time.

Remember to Take Regular Breaks

Slot machines are designed to keep users engaged. This can make it very easy to spend excessive periods without taking a break. This is not good for your mental or physical health. We always recommend taking for at least 15 minutes every two hours. Walk around and stretch, so you do not harm yourself while playing. It may seem like a remote possibility, but if you go to the casino often, it can quickly lead to issues.

Pull Off Winnings Gradually

Most serious gamblers recommend pulling off your winnings slowly over the night. That way, you are not stuck with all of the money that you have won at one time.

Do Not Be Afraid of Switching Machines

Sometimes it is the best thing for you to switch machines. Many people get stuck on a machine for too long without winning. They often feel that the machine owes them a win since they have been playing it for so long. We recommend avoiding this. Game makers understand that sometimes gamblers get stuck into the zone and continue spinning until they hit the jackpot. It would be best if you did not give in to the temptation.

Play the Odds

Always review the odds of any machine that you play on. That way, you understand how likely it is for you to win. By examining the odds before selecting a machine, you can choose the ones with the most excellent chance of providing you with a winning spin.

Start Slowly

First-time gamblers often gamble too quickly. It can be exhilarating whenever you first step foot into her casino and win some money. We advise you to take it slowly whenever you first begin. In this way, you can guarantee that you make decisions rationally and with a conscious intention. Casinos are designed to help you lose control of yourself and give in to temptation. The best handlers are aware of this and do things to prepare against it.

Have Fun!

No matter what type of game you are playing when you are at a casino, the point should be to have fun. If you take it too seriously, it will lose all of the enjoyment you previously held. If you feel that you are no longer enjoying yourself, we recommend walking away at any point during the night. That is your body‘s way of telling you that you have been gambling for a long enough now. You can always come back another day and continue to play then. Casinos are not going to be going away anytime soon.

Final Tips About Gambling with Slot Machines

Learning how to play slot machines is not as difficult as you may think. Even for people who have never stepped foot inside a casino, it is a relatively easy skill. As long as you follow the advice that has been mentioned in this guide, you are in good hands. All that matters now is that you remember to enjoy yourself once you arrive.

Top Blackjack Tips to Improve your Odds

When playing blackjack normally, there is a combination of rules that gives a player the direction on the best way to play every hand dealt with you. In every blackjack jack strategy, you need to understand the rules of the game and the game itself so that you can maximize the amount of the money you bag from playing the game. Based on the nature of blackjack, it is based on mathematics, and that is why it is very crucial to revolve around a mathematical strategy to win in this game.

Before you adopt a certain strategy, its good to know the basics of the game which includes hit, stand, double down, split, surrender, and insurance. Mastery of these basics will enable you to make an informed decision mathematically. The following are some of the best strategies and tips to win big in a blackjack game

1. Find tables that suit your bankroll

In blackjack, you cannot underestimate the importance of charting, which means choosing the appropriate table for playing blackjack. This may not be easy, but it is a very important aspect so that you keep your bankroll in check. Whereas it is hard to find tables with a lower limit, a player needs to carry out necessary research about the casino and establish where the minimum stake location.

Some casinos are very welcoming as they give you not only minimum stakes but also free games during off-peak hours. With good research, you will be able to find where you can find a casino that is suited for your bankroll to avoid risking its all at a high stake casino that cannot give you time to redeem yourself.

2. Have a strategy in place

With a solid strategy in a blackjack game, you can balance between winning a loosing at the same time. This includes knowing when to double down, soft hands, or playing hard and splitting. Without a good knowledge of these terms, your strategy of improving your odds in blackjack will be a waste of time, and you will end up losing.

Your strategy should include playing for a longer period so that you can recover any loss due to any mistake you might have made along with the game. To be able to win smart in blackjack and avoid losing, you need to know when to hit and when to stand when the dealer’s hand is weak. With proper knowledge and research, especially the old-fashioned methods, you will be able to win big in the game.

3. Pick a table that offers the double down option

Double down option means that your bet can be doubled if your bet the middle of a hand in exchange for one extra card. Some casinos mainly allow you to double down with a 10 or 11s while others will enable you to double down ay two cards of your choice. If you through the double down option, your bankroll will be finished since you can receive a low second card, and you can’t hit again.

It is always advisable to strike a balance between sensible, safe play. Consider the following when going for the double down where you can’t go bust, and in most cases, you are in a position finish with a high hand, while statistically, the dealer is likely to position to lose the hand. Hand 9 against the dealer low-value cards, Soft 16 to 18 against the dealer fewer value cards and Hand 10 or 11 against any lesser dealer Card. In all these instances, it is always good to prefer hand down.

4. Avoid a progressive strategy

Placing your stake based on previous loose or win has an associated losing proportion should always opt to bet more whenever there are more high-valued cards against low-valued cards. This is very common among may players when they win a certain round, and they tend to think it is a winning streak.

In the blackjack game, there is no room for luck, as many of the moves are mathematically oriented. Only decide to make your move only when your cards show the highest probability of winning the game. A progressive strategy will be easy to master by the opponent, and your progress will end up being predictive, which is a disadvantage to the player.

5. Let the Dealer Bust

Whenever the dealer shows 4, 5, or 6, without a soft hand, you do want to hit. This chance allows the dealer to bust, which might turn to favour you. In this situation, you choose to double or split your hand for more money in the game where the dealer will choose to bust.

In most cases, when the dealers show a Two, Three, Four, Five, or Six, he is more likely to bust where Five and the Six are the most suitable cards to lead to a busted hand. In this case, you should not risk big trying to get closer to 21because the dealer will bust in most cases.

6. Keep High, Hard Hands

All the time, the rule of thumb suggests, whenever you are having a hard 17 or more, you should always stand as your busting chances are quite higher. When the dealer raises a paint card or an ace, you may not be on the safe side, but going with the chances of taking bust would otherwise be worse. Here it is recommended that you give the dealer an option to close the game or end with the same value you hold.

7. Do not Split Tens and Sixes – Split Aces and Eights Always

In the blackjack, game Ace has always considered a very powerful card with two totalling a twelve. Whenever you get a chance, always split them for reaching two 21s.when, it comes to 10s and 8s. A 10 you should never split them as they offer a better ground for a hand, But with a 20, you should never risk splitting. With 16 from two 8s and considered the worst hand, you should always opt to split so that you can have two separate 18s, which are strong hands.

8. Never Take an Insurance

Whenever the dealers show an ace, you can decide to take insurance, which means that you end up going for a side bet which is always a half of your initial wager. If the dealer happens to have a blackjack, the bet is paid 2:1 as a side bet. This means that you should never opt for insurance, no matter how much money you wagered on your hand. Even if you have a blackjack, and the dealer gives you a money offer, decline it. Insurance is worse decisions, and they end up working for the casino.

Blackjack being favourite among many casinos, what is important is to master all the available rules so that you can devise a strategy that will always work for you. With a variety of valued cards in the game, there are a variety of things you should consider before standing, hitting, splitting, or doubling down. With many resources of the best strategy of the game, applying the strategy can always increase your Odds when playing blackjack.

Best Casino Websites for Beginners

What To Look For In An Online Casino

Gambling is an incredibly popular pastime, and it has become even more accessible as the Internet proliferates around the world. Online casinos have a more extended history than you might first expect. They have been around for over two decades already. Since they were first invented, new ways to play casino games online have continuously been developed. It was through this process that the industry evolved to its current form. Now there are multiple different platforms you can use to play casino games and gamble anywhere in the world. However, unfortunately, there are still plenty of unscrupulous actors in the world. If you genuinely wish to have a good experience while gambling online, you need to be cautious when selecting casinos. They are not all created equally and we recommend using the Canadian Casino Expert Website to help you find the best casinos out there. Finding your new online gambling destination will require some work, but it is relatively easy as long as you know what quality online casinos display signs.

Which Type Of Platform Would You Like To Use To Access The Online Casino?

Since the initial development of gambling that took place over the Internet, it has seen several iterations of platform delivery. Today the following three are the most common methods of accessing online casinos to gamble.

Downloadable Casino Platforms

Downloadable casino platforms were the very first technology that was created to allow users to gamble with each other around the world. These were relatively simple pieces of software that resembled a standard computer game. The only difference was they would enable network connections for online play. For the most part, these platforms are antiquated and are no longer in use. They have been primarily replaced with streaming Casino platforms, followed by mobile casino platforms.

Streaming Casino Platforms

Streaming Casino platforms are what comes to mind when you think of your standard online casino website. These have been around for nearly two decades, with the first ones coming online around 2001. These do not require you to download any files and rely on software built into your computer’s browser. While the first ones that were developed were cumbersome and slow today, they are sleek, fast, and enjoyable.

Mobile Compatible Casino Platforms

Since the very first iPhone was introduced to the world of smartphones, it has taken over the planet. This has created an increasingly tremendous demand for casino platforms accessible through mobile phones. Companies have responded in different innovative ways. Some have allowed the creation of mobile-friendly versions of their desktop sites accessible through the smartphone. While other companies have created downloadable mobile apps, you can get through your phone’s app store and have them installed on your phone. Either way, it is possible to play real online games at casinos through your smartphone device nowadays.

Key Characteristics Of Casinos Worth Visiting

It is much more convenient to play your favourite gambling activities in an online casino, not to mention much safer than to go to a conventional casino. How can you discern among all of the options out there which online casinos are worth frequenting and which ones are merely ploys vying to rip you off? Get ready to be bestowed with the power of discernment. Here are the signs that will indicate the legitimacy of an online gambling institution.

Detailed Security Policy And Procedures The first thing you need to look for when you are checking out a new online casino is their security policy. How easy is it for you to find? If you are unable to find one after searching thoroughly, then you need to leave immediately. Certain online gambling institutions have become more clever and created fraudulent security policies. While these are easily accessible, they are not as thorough as you might think. These fraudulent security policies are usually either suspiciously short or will only have legitimate information for the first few pages, followed by gibberish and nonsense for the remainder of the document.

Wide Variety Of Games From Reputable Developers The next thing that you should look for in a casino is their selection of games. Are you able to recognize who developed their games? Casinos with large selections of games from developers that you do not recognize should raise some red flags. Occasionally some online casinos support independent developers, but usually, this means that the major developers have blacklisted them in the online gaming industry.

Enticing Bet-Worthy Incentives Any online casino worth their salt will have some incentives for their patrons, especially for new clients who are visiting for the first time. The better these incentives are, the more likely this is an institution worth frequenting. Because they would not be able to offer those incentives unless they had plenty of users regularly frequenting to support the revenue required for such a program. However, you still did to exercise caution as if it is too good to be true; then it could be equally as likely to be a fraudulent business.

Easily Accessible And Responsive Customer Support The final checkmark before you can verify an online gaming institution’s legitimacy depends on the responsiveness and reliability of its customer support network. Look and see if you can find which methods of contact are available. Are you able to call and speak to a live person? Or is there simply a chat function or email address listed? If you cannot speak to a live person, it should raise red flex. Often, fraudulent companies will not list phone numbers because it is a lot easier to use AI programs to respond through emails and chat programs and unwillingly manipulate victims. The best quality gambling institutions you can find online will have multiple contact methods with plenty of hours of availability. The more limited window you have to speak with them, the less likely they will be legitimate.

Final Thoughts Regarding Finding Quality Online Casinos

Online gaming has indeed taken the world by storm over the last decade. Thousands of new institutions exist online where you can play any of your favourite games from regular in-person casinos. Finding quality casinos is not hard as long as you’re aware of how to discern legitimate institutions from frauds. Luckily, there are clear patterns of fraudulent activity that will be easily spotted with a keen eye. Just make sure that you do not forget to be cautious when frequenting new institutions. Once you are no longer a newcomer to the industry, it is all too easy to get comfortable. Once you’ve mastered the basics of discernment, then the online gambling world is incredibly inviting. You can finally play anything your heart desires right from your home’s comfort without even getting off the couch.

The most popular casino games

Casino Games

Time flies when you enter a casino. From its elegant restaurants to its royal game rooms, it’s normal to lose time. There are a thousand games you could try your hands on but certainly, some steal the show. They stand out from the lot. One of the most popular games is BlackJack, simple and easy to play.


BlackJack or 21 is one of the most popular games in the casino industry. The rules are simple. Reach the value of 21, nothing more or less. In the card game, you simply contest against the dealer and try to beat his hand. If your hands beat his hand without exceeding 21, you won. The game starts by Dealer dealing you two cards, and himself, but his cards are, one face up and one face down. Then you are to add the values of the hand and if you have more than what the dealer has, you won. Your total decides whether you want to stand pat, draw a card, split or surrender.


Roullete have become synonymous with casinos. The game has two types – American and French. Once you have decided which one to play, it’s easy for stepping in the arena. There is not much of the difference between the two except that the American version has two pockets extra. The game is simple. You are to predict where the ball will land on the pockets numbering 1-36 before the wheel is spun. The American version has two zero pockets i.e 0 and 00. Though there are players who have developed strategies over the years, the game remains an unprecedented result-maker. Furthermore, you can also wager your money on Odd numbers, sections, and colors.


Three card brag:

Three Card Brag is considered to be one of the oldest card games in Casino history. Originated in the 16th century, the game is similar to the 3-card poker. Each player is dealt with three after they have placed their bets and their hands decide whether they want to play further, or fold. For Dealer to qualify, he must have a Queen or higher. The best hand wins.

Pai Gow Poker:

Similar to Poker, the game is easy to understand. You are dealt with seven cards and you need to split them into two hands – 5 in one hand and 2 on the other hand. Your task is to beat the Dealer’s hand, but make sure that your 5-hand poker is higher than your 2-hand poker. If you beat the Dealer, you won but if only one hand beats him, it’s a draw but in case of both of you being equal, the house gets the edge and he wins.

Pai Gow Poker

Red Dog:

Red Dog is also one of the most played games. The rules are simple and easy to understand. After you place your Ante, you’re dealt with three cards but the middle card is face-down. You only need to guess if the middle card has the value equivalent to the first and third cards.

Slot machines:

Who doesn’t like the slot machines? They are glamourous and entertaining but the best part about them is that they hit the Jackpots. Over the years Slot Machines have changed a lot and modern machines are equipped with 3D graphics and high-tech sound systems that provide you a realistic experience.

Slot machines


The internet has revolutionized the casino industry. From card games to slot machines, everything is available on the internet, but the fun of hitting a land-based casino can never be replaced. It’s better to practice the games you’re going to play inside a casino before actually stepping into a gambling house.

The beginner’s guide to Casino Gambling


Various things need to be taken into consideration before stepping into a casino. Over the years, casinos have changed a lot and if you’re a person who has remained aloof from the developments happening in the industry, you need some knowledge to get the hold of it. Apart from that, you need to be knowing what you’re looking for and once you are ready and prepared, you are good to go. If you are looking for some information on the best websites for beginners we have done a great article here. Games: Casinos are a hub of games. Among a thousand, you will surely get confused. Getting involved in every game will be foolishness and will lead you nowhere but you can learn a few before you enter a casino. Various websites allow you to play casino games for free. This will help you get along with the games and uplift your chances in the game. Usually, beginners prefer slot machines and a few card games but a little research and training of a few other games won’t hurt your experience in the house. Identify the game: If you’re hitting a casino, you need to know your game. You don’t want to end up playing a game that you do not know about. Before you play it, know how it works and what the odds are. Use the free versions available on the internet but don’t try to master all of the games. Choose a specific game you’re going to try and let the interest develop. The more you practice, the better. House edge: We are all aware of the house edge. Almost every game has it. As a beginner, you should try to find games that have a lower house edge. You can start playing poker which has a lower edge because not much of the house money is at stake. Jackpot: The best thing about the slot machines is that they can hit the jackpot. If many people can pull it off, why not you? But knowing about it assists you. Choose a machine of your liking, take breaks between sessions and don’t drown yourself in the games without having food. There is no single trick to it but you need to keep trying. Spending: Money is an important factor and you don’t want to lose the money which you can’t afford to lose. Some of the players borrow money to gamble which will put you in an unstable financial position. Keep a specified amount reserved for gambling and track the money thoroughly. Casino Keep track of time and spending: Casinos are entertaining mazes and once you step in. you keep spinning around. Time is a crucial thing in this matter. Make a mark of time and the time you’re willing to spend inside a casino. The most important part is don’t chase your losses. It takes your attention away from the game and if you hit a decent win, just head home. Card counting: Casinos have no dearth of card games and if you are into it, you may never want to leave. Contrary to the popular belief, card counting is completely legal but many casinos have a policy against it and may ask you to leave if you are caught counting. Keep a clear head: Gambling requires focus, attention, calculation, and concentration. You won’t get it if you’re intoxicated. The inebriation slows down your metabolism and affects your judgment. If you’re drunk, just head home. Conclusion: Nothing will ensure your victory in the casino. However, if you’re prepared you will play your best. There are do’s and don’ts for beginners, sometimes the notions don’t work and you turn out to be a natural debunking every theory. You will never know how well you do in a casino until you step into one.

The 5 best casino games for beginners


Casinos are magnificent in terms of games. Once you step into one, you would lose track of time. To make the best of your time, it’s better to go prepared. However, it can be confusing what to play and what not to. You have to understand one thing that you can’t master all of the games at once but you can at least get the hold of few games for the first time. Various websites allow you to practice many casino games for free.

Slot machines:

Casinos are synonymous with slot machines or vice versa. Who doesn’t get attracted? But what is that you can hit a jackpot the first time. There is no trick. All you do is try it out. Usually, beginners prefer slot machines and a few other card games. One thing needs to be remembered is that don’t chase your losses because this will take the fun out of your experience.


The game has its place among the new and old players. Roulette is easy to play where you place your bet on the number that you think the ball will land on the spinning wheel. There are currently two variants of the game – American, and European. There is not much difference except that the American type has an extra two pockets of 0 and 00. Your task is to predict where the ball will land between numbers 1-36 and once you place your bet, the wheel is spun. You can place your bet on the colors of the pockets, sections, odd numbers, and neighboring numbers.


Blackjack is also known as 21 and is one of the most popular games in the industry. Loved by all, the rules of playing are easy to understand. The game requires you to reach 21, and not exceed it. Your hand should be better than the Dealer’s hand and if you beat his hand without exceeding 21, you won. You’re dealt two cards but the Dealers cards are, one face up and one face down. You now add the value of your cards and see if your hand beats the dealers. Each card carries a value. The total decides whether you want to stand pat, draw a card, split or surrender.


Pai Gow Poker:

This game is similar to poker. You are dealt seven cards which you have to split in two hands – 5 in one hand and 2 in another. You need to make sure that your 2-hand poker value is lesser than the 5-hand poker.  You are playing against the Dealer and need to beat him. If your hand beats the dealer’s hand, you won but if one hand beats him, it’s a draw. The house wins if you’re equal.

Three card brag:

In this game, your competitor is the dealer and you play against him. However, for him to qualify for the game, he should get a Queen or a high. Whosoever gets the best cards wins. Originated in the 16th century, the Three Card brag is similar to a 3-card poker. After placing the bets, the three cards are dealt with every player and their hand decides whether they want to play or fold.


Casinos have games in abundance and you will find it hard to navigate. Though they may offer a huge variety of games, it wise to be prepared for the games you’re going to play. Practice your game online before hitting a casino. , it will uplift your chances in the game, but never forget the real reason to be in a casino is to have fun.

The 5 best roulette strategies explained

Roulette games

The basic element in gambling is not luck but strategy. This comes from years of learning patterns of the game and its thorough calculations. Like other casino games, roulette has its share of strategies. These may turn out to be hard for beginners to implement due to the lack of knowledge but have remained one of the key game-changer over the years.

Martingale system:

The most fundamental question in betting is whether there is any magic trick. Is there a way to pull it off? That depends. One of the strategies in the roulette is the Martingale system. However, its been described extremely risky, Martingale emphasizes the progressive strategy. You simply double your bet after every loss. Paroll system tells you to double the bet after every win. Both of the strategies are a good way to recompense and rise quickly but are also very risky. Where both of the strategies can make hefty amounts, it can sink the game completely.

Andrucci strategy:

Everything requires calculation in the life of gambling. The situation we face is randomized and organized in such a way that if something happens in one part of the world, the other part is affected. This theory is based on chaos theory. Few numbers appear more than the other and many players can recognize it. The strategy requires the players to recognize these numbers and place their bet accordingly.

D’ Alembert:

This strategy is simple. The player bets on even money and doesn’t raise. That means he keeps his bet the same as long as he continues to win and if he loses, he puts in an additional coin. In comparison to the Martingale, it isn’t aggressive and the only drawback of the strategy is that you wouldn’t get your money back within a short period. Though there are no higher losses in the strategy either.


The strategy is based on a mathematical equation. Though the system comes up with an element of risk, it’s comparatively less aggressive than its counterparts. The equation is easy to understand. Each number represents the sum of two numbers that came before I.e. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. In application with the wheel, these numbers represent the betting unit. The equation can be manipulated to ensure that there are lesser losses. Compared to other strategies, Fibonacci can ensure a stable position and gradually rise to the summit.

Roulette stratergy


Another strategy is pretty simple. You first need to know what number you will place your bet on and once you have known, you wager your money on the neighboring numbers too. The logic is that if you place a bet on a certain number and the ball misses it, there are higher chances that it will land nearby. The strategy finds its place among the new and old players, but as far as its application is concerned, it all depends on your experience of the game.



Roulette is a game of experience and luck. There is no single strategy to pull it off. Different players have different strategies accompanied by knowledge of the game. Furthermore, it all depends upon the game and its applicants. The understanding of the patterns comes through hours of spinning. The game is also dependent on the body language of the croupier, speed of the ball, wheel condition and your ability to understand all this. Nothing in a casino is to be taken lightly and has a reason behind it. Roulette, strategy or no strategy at all, is no doubt a fun one to try hands at.

Is casino Classic Scam or Legit, fake or real?


Casino Classic is one of the reputable names in the online industry. The casino is fully legit and is regulated by the licensing authorities. The site uses high-end protection to secure your data and process faster transactions. From slot machines to poker games, the platform is full of a wide range of games. With 20 years of experience in the business, Casino Classic has been in the business long before many of the casinos made their debut.


Determining the age of a casino is the first step to establish its credibility. Most of the fake casino don’t stay for too long. However, Classic has been in the business since 1999. Operated by Maltese registered company, Apollo Entertainment Limited, the company has made quite an impact among its players with its increase promotions and bonuses. If it were to be compared with its traditional self, the modern Classic has gone through such a spectacular transformation.


If you’re into Blackjack, the site offers a wide variety of Blackjack games. There is no dearth of games in the Casino Classic. With a library of 550 casino games, the Casino offers the player the fun of choosing between various interactive games. Alone video poker has 40 variants. From slot machines to card games, you certainly will find anything in the casino.



Casino Classic is a legitimate casino regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The institutions are the most prominent licensing authorities in Europe and oversee the registrations of the Casinos.


The website uses Ecorga to audit the gaming platform. The independent organization sees whether the games are randomized or not. Furthermore, the site’s name also features in the Ecorga’s official website. Apart from that, Casino classic uses software from Igaming and Evolution Gaming to run various games on its platform. The two organizations are the best in the field.

Chat support:

You can’t find customer support on the fake websites. Casino classic has 24/7 customer service which can be availed through email or live chat in different languages. The response time is less and you can expect a reply in a couple of hours if you are mailing them.


The casino has a payout rate of 97% and many people have withdrawn hefty amounts of money. Though the cash-out takes 24-48 hours for legalities to process, you can rest be assured that it will reach you. The casino also offers multiple ways of payment.



Like every other casino, Classic offers its players an initial bonus. This bonus doesn’t stop here and as you go on playing, you win points. These points can be replaced for real money and the more points you have, the higher chances you have in being included in the VIP program.

Live casino and Mobile:

With the use of the high-tech camera, you can get the feeling of a casino from the comfort of your home. The use of HD cameras ensures that you get the best of a live casino gambling. Furthermore, the mobile app is much enhanced and easy to use. You can use every feature of the casino in the app. Casino Classic uses multi-layer security on all of its platforms.


Casino Classic is a secured and reliable online casino. Operating in the business since 1999, Classic has its place in the industry. From slot machines to poker games, the casino is loaded with entertainment. If you are intending to hit an online casino, you surely should check out Classic which not only is a reliable name in the business but offers you an experience that can never be replaced.

Roulette cheats: How scammers fleeced casinos for millions

Roulette Guide

Roulette has become synonymous with casinos and where there is money, there is a scam. However, the majority of the cases have resulted in the fraudsters being caught but sometimes they have pulled it off. It is comparatively easy to cheat in cards than in roulette but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to cheat. With inside help and devious plans, some have succeeded in fleecing the casino with huge money.

Sleight of hand:

Croupiers are supposed to keep an eye on everything happening on the table and the camera keeps watching but sometimes people figure ways to cheat the system. The scam worked in this way. You approach a Roulette table and place your bets. Keep them minimum but keep playing. When the Croupier is distracted by your associate, you grab the chips. The chips are to be changed among the participating group and cashed out. There is no exact amount as to how much this scam has cost the industry but given the fact that it’s hard to trace, the amount is expected to be in millions.

Phone App:

The casino scams come in all shapes and sizes. Though sometimes the scams are so simple that they are overlooked by the surveillance. This happened in the Ritz casino of London, where a trio of European gamblers had developed a phone app to predict the final resting place of the ball. To do that they used laser capabilities and orbit decay to predict the location of the ball. They ended up with £1.3 million after they made a few rounds with certainty. They were rounded up by the management but released by the court that ruled out fraud and considered it legal. However, they are not allowed to enter the same casino and a few others in the country.



The scam happened in France. However, this was one of the most advanced scams to have ever been attempted for 5 million Francs. The trio involved – a brother, and a sister-in-law as the main accomplice. The scam was considered the most sophisticated in the history of the game. The brother worked the roulette table and had the ball replaced with a different ball. This new ball contained a radio transmitter wired to a cigarette box that acted as a trigger. When the wheel was spun, the radio signal was triggered. This was the main shot. The radio signal brought the ball in a desired spot on the wheel. After the cheat happened, it took a little time for the casino administration to k ow that they were cheated and all of the three were handed to the police.

How often:

Casinos deal with stacks of money every day and not often it attracts fraud. The administration is very strict in security and every table is being watched for bogs players. The cheating doesn’t happen often. Though people in the past have fleeced with huge amounts of cash from the houses, today’s industry is very secured.


Casinos are houses that deal with money every day. From table games to slot machines, you can hear the sound of money everywhere and where there is money, there is a fraud. Unfortunately, there are criminal elements who are hell-bent upon cheating but to pull off any cheat in a casino is impossible these days. Casino’s spend hefty amounts on the surveillance and security of the house and has become much more secure. Not only that, but it has also given it an edge in the customer area where the advanced security makes it more trustworthy for the customers.