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10 Quick poker tips that will help your game

Quick poker tips

Poker is a game that can never be replaced. It has its charm. Though the tables might seem to be dominated by other card games, when we sink deep, Poker is still in its prime. It’s a game that requires concentration and calculation, not superstition. There are no exact strategies to pull off the victory but certain tips can surely help us play a fair and impressive game.

  1. Favorite:

Poker is no game of best-loved. There are no favorites in gambling. Everything is logic and basic numbers. Certain people have a preferred hand and it’s fine to have that but it doesn’t play out every time. Trust the calculation and have the ability to give up your treasured hand in the game.

  1. Strategy:

Avid players develop their ways at the game. You need to find your strategy. If you want to shine at the game, you need to find your winning strategy. Many players take years to find their set of strategies. It is natural to have developed an unconscious way of playing and application in the game.

  1. Reason:

Gambling is devoid of superstition. If you’re breaking your standards, always have a stronger reason. For example, if your strategy isn’t working for you, you will require to change it.

  1. Play aggressive:

Poker is a mind game. Play aggressively even if you are in the weak spot. This disguises you and confuses your opponent. The strategy gives you an upper hand and makes you look like a strong player.

Play aggressive

  1. Defend and attack:

Keep your head in the game and when you spot any weakness in the game, take full advantage of it. Use all of your aggressive steps and pounce on your opponent. You need to be vigilant for these chances.

  1. Recreational:

Poker is supposed to kill your boredom and you should never use it when you are depressed. If you feel frustrated or depressed, you shouldn’t continue playing it.

  1. Deviation:

It takes years to develop strategies and if your head is not in the game, you lose. Tilting from your strategies is not the way to go. However, if your strategies are not proving to be productive, you can change them.


  1. Tables:

Poker is all about understanding. You don’t win just by strategies but sometimes you can choose your opponents too. Spot the tables and make sure you’re playing in a game where you have a decent chance of winning. It’s better to watch the game for a while.

  1. Ranges:

You can lose a hand but if you dominate a range then the game I yours. A good player thinks about the ranges not hands. They plan for the player’s whole spectrum of future cards. In other words, plan for the future.

  1. Don’t chase:

Losses happen in every game. Your task is to play the game not to chase losses. It takes your attention from the game and the chances of losing increase.


Poker is a game that’s devoid of superstition. However, there are strategies developed by avid players that do come in handy. These tips vary on your playing style and understanding of the game. Be it the strategies or the tips, it all boils down to one thing – how much have you practiced the game? Poker can be a life-changing game but only when you’re prepared to play it. The various online site offers free poker games to practice and if you’re into poker, it’s not a bad idea. The tips will work only when you know how to use them.