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The 5 best casino games for beginners


Casinos are magnificent in terms of games. Once you step into one, you would lose track of time. To make the best of your time, it’s better to go prepared. However, it can be confusing what to play and what not to. You have to understand one thing that you can’t master all of the games at once but you can at least get the hold of few games for the first time. Various websites allow you to practice many casino games for free.

Slot machines:

Casinos are synonymous with slot machines or vice versa. Who doesn’t get attracted? But what is that you can hit a jackpot the first time. There is no trick. All you do is try it out. Usually, beginners prefer slot machines and a few other card games. One thing needs to be remembered is that don’t chase your losses because this will take the fun out of your experience.


The game has its place among the new and old players. Roulette is easy to play where you place your bet on the number that you think the ball will land on the spinning wheel. There are currently two variants of the game – American, and European. There is not much difference except that the American type has an extra two pockets of 0 and 00. Your task is to predict where the ball will land between numbers 1-36 and once you place your bet, the wheel is spun. You can place your bet on the colors of the pockets, sections, odd numbers, and neighboring numbers.


Blackjack is also known as 21 and is one of the most popular games in the industry. Loved by all, the rules of playing are easy to understand. The game requires you to reach 21, and not exceed it. Your hand should be better than the Dealer’s hand and if you beat his hand without exceeding 21, you won. You’re dealt two cards but the Dealers cards are, one face up and one face down. You now add the value of your cards and see if your hand beats the dealers. Each card carries a value. The total decides whether you want to stand pat, draw a card, split or surrender.


Pai Gow Poker:

This game is similar to poker. You are dealt seven cards which you have to split in two hands – 5 in one hand and 2 in another. You need to make sure that your 2-hand poker value is lesser than the 5-hand poker.  You are playing against the Dealer and need to beat him. If your hand beats the dealer’s hand, you won but if one hand beats him, it’s a draw. The house wins if you’re equal.

Three card brag:

In this game, your competitor is the dealer and you play against him. However, for him to qualify for the game, he should get a Queen or a high. Whosoever gets the best cards wins. Originated in the 16th century, the Three Card brag is similar to a 3-card poker. After placing the bets, the three cards are dealt with every player and their hand decides whether they want to play or fold.


Casinos have games in abundance and you will find it hard to navigate. Though they may offer a huge variety of games, it wise to be prepared for the games you’re going to play. Practice your game online before hitting a casino. , it will uplift your chances in the game, but never forget the real reason to be in a casino is to have fun.