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Roulette cheats: How scammers fleeced casinos for millions

Roulette Guide

Roulette has become synonymous with casinos and where there is money, there is a scam. However, the majority of the cases have resulted in the fraudsters being caught but sometimes they have pulled it off. It is comparatively easy to cheat in cards than in roulette but that hasn’t stopped people from trying to cheat. With inside help and devious plans, some have succeeded in fleecing the casino with huge money.

Sleight of hand:

Croupiers are supposed to keep an eye on everything happening on the table and the camera keeps watching but sometimes people figure ways to cheat the system. The scam worked in this way. You approach a Roulette table and place your bets. Keep them minimum but keep playing. When the Croupier is distracted by your associate, you grab the chips. The chips are to be changed among the participating group and cashed out. There is no exact amount as to how much this scam has cost the industry but given the fact that it’s hard to trace, the amount is expected to be in millions.

Phone App:

The casino scams come in all shapes and sizes. Though sometimes the scams are so simple that they are overlooked by the surveillance. This happened in the Ritz casino of London, where a trio of European gamblers had developed a phone app to predict the final resting place of the ball. To do that they used laser capabilities and orbit decay to predict the location of the ball. They ended up with £1.3 million after they made a few rounds with certainty. They were rounded up by the management but released by the court that ruled out fraud and considered it legal. However, they are not allowed to enter the same casino and a few others in the country.



The scam happened in France. However, this was one of the most advanced scams to have ever been attempted for 5 million Francs. The trio involved – a brother, and a sister-in-law as the main accomplice. The scam was considered the most sophisticated in the history of the game. The brother worked the roulette table and had the ball replaced with a different ball. This new ball contained a radio transmitter wired to a cigarette box that acted as a trigger. When the wheel was spun, the radio signal was triggered. This was the main shot. The radio signal brought the ball in a desired spot on the wheel. After the cheat happened, it took a little time for the casino administration to k ow that they were cheated and all of the three were handed to the police.

How often:

Casinos deal with stacks of money every day and not often it attracts fraud. The administration is very strict in security and every table is being watched for bogs players. The cheating doesn’t happen often. Though people in the past have fleeced with huge amounts of cash from the houses, today’s industry is very secured.


Casinos are houses that deal with money every day. From table games to slot machines, you can hear the sound of money everywhere and where there is money, there is a fraud. Unfortunately, there are criminal elements who are hell-bent upon cheating but to pull off any cheat in a casino is impossible these days. Casino’s spend hefty amounts on the surveillance and security of the house and has become much more secure. Not only that, but it has also given it an edge in the customer area where the advanced security makes it more trustworthy for the customers.